About us

Who we are
Cphatow is an indigenous Information Technology Company providing
IT Data collection applications, system data flows and data content management systems in
the Agricultural, Medical, and business sectors. We also offer consultancy in Survey and
e-questionnaire Research and Business sectors for supply chain.

Cphatow team has extensive experience and expertise in developing data collection applications, systems of data content, and flows. Cphatow is working with several organizations in Uganda to provide tremendous services in the line of duty.

Cpha-Agro Features

Comes with many awesome features.
By providing a premium technology that anyone can use,
we have enhanced data-based analysis and decision-making around the world.

Farmer Card Generation

These are generated from the farmer list. Farmer’s summary information is always represented on this cards. And it allows... read more

Data unique IDs

How? Using; Codes; this is often used in a farmer list. And it is system generated codes depending on... read more

Data Exporting

All client data marts can be exported. Supported data importing formats; csv, excel, pdf, and API data [JSON] read more

Data Importing

Cphatow provides data importing functionalities on the client dashboard web portal. A starting clients, can import a farmer baseline which... read more